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HILTEK is abs number plate, 3.1mm thickness, high impact . The most suitable plate for taking shape of the current bumpers. To fix them by means of sticky pads,  nuts or screws.


Environmentally friendly , 95% recyclable.


Produced with  3M reflective sheeting that makes it  different and brighter.

It is a patent of the English company Hills Numberplates

Modelos HILTEK

All shapes and formats according to the Spanish legislation, including the agriculture plates with red characters. Just in one go printing, using a software (Easyprint) for Windows.


Advantages of Hiltek:


When by mistake in the printing you have to throw away the film, this is less costly cause the laser film for Hiltek is cheaper than the acrylic reflective sheeting.


The possibility of making advertising plates with a colour printer.

Print and lamination systems
Sistemas de Impresión
Laser Printer
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