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ISO 14001:2015
PV 3929
PV 3930
ISO 9001:2015
Energy Rating Type A

hegoplac, s.a. has obtained the highest energy rating, in large parte thanks to the installation of a geothermal plant and the NOx-Activ membrane in our new factory sited Massalfassar.

Geothermal installation

From the very beginning,. one of the established objectives was to comply with the energy demand determined by the CTE-HE1, in order to achieve the thermal welfare inside the building  according to the weather, the intended use and the summer/winter regime.

NOx-Activ roof installation

Under the effect of UV rays from the sun, the NOx-Activ membrane causes the oxide pollutants (NOx) to be broken down into by products which are carried off safely in the rainwater.


NOTE: the concentration of nitrates produced by photocatalysis is lower than in any bottled mineral water. It has no impact whatsoever on the quality of rainwater.

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